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Mary's Help Residential Group Homes

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Mary's Help Residential Group Homes
1219 Monterey St.
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We are available during the following hours: 9:00am to 4:30pm Monday thru Thursday and 9:00am to 2:00pm Fridays

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About Us

Open since 1997, Mary’s Help serves at-risk youth, getting them back on track and improving their lives. We offer substance-abuse treatment and recovery programs, anger management, and support groups.

Our Winning Program

We have three facilities with occupancy for six individuals per unit. Our staff monitors each location 24/7 to monitor our male youth and assist with any needs. Our system centers on housing, therapy services, family services, and tutoring services. We offer outings, camping, and field trips for bonding and recreation, and to give ideas that might inspire a career. Most of our  youths are referred here by the county juvenile court or the Department of Social Services. Through our 9-12 month program, male youth who thought they had no options other than gangs or other crime discover that they can have a vibrant future.

Our Story

A nonprofit, nonsectarian charity dedicated to helping male youth who have had trouble with the law.


Adolescence is a particularly vulnerable time for male youth as they are learning to become men. They are looking to belong somehow, and if family or community ties are weak, they will join or form gangs. Seeing the glamorous life of crime as depicted in movies and music, they think they have no way out until it is almost too late. We are about giving male youth a second chance once they’ve had an encounter with the juvenile justice system, turning young lives around.


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